Quality at the core

Ocotec is a contract manufacturer that specializes in component sourcing, assembly and enclosure mechanics. Quality has always been at the core of Ocotec's competitive advantage - for both products and services. We believe that customer satisfaction does not create itself - it is a result of a long-term, organized effort.

Our client industries include telecommunications, automation and machinery manufacturing. In addition to contract manufacturing, we also produce products under our own brand. Privately owned Ocotec was established in 1992. The Managing Director of the company is Jouni Lind.

Ocotec offers the manufacturing process of sheet metal products in its entirety. The service includes manufacturing and sourcing components, surface treatments, and enclosure assembly, including enclosures requiring advanced protection. Our standard product lines have been developed to meet the requirements of different industries. Standard enclosures offer a flexible product platform, which can be fully customized using Ocotec's diverse selection of accessories to create customer-specific protection solutions.

Ocotec's quality control system is based on the ISO 9001 standard and is audited by our main customers. The company also has an environmental system, designed to conform to ISO 14001.